As our core services, we able to provide hot tapping up to 72 inches pipe and plugging or  line stopping up to 72 inches. Hot Tapping or Pressure Tapping is the method of making a connection to existing pipes or vessel while that existing system is under pressure. This method employs a drilling or tapping machne, a full port valve and a pressure fitting attached to the existing pressurized system.

A necessary element in the hot tap connection is the full ported valve, which can become a control valve for the new connection, and allow the drilling machine to be removed after the cutting operation. Gate valves and other full ported valves with flanged and screwed connection range 150# through 900# ANSI Rating.

Plugging  or Line Stopping is a means of stopping flow and providing a shut off where non exist. Line stopping can be used to isolate piping system for repairs, alterations or relocations. Potential application exists in all types of private and public utilities, process industries, institutions and cross country pipeline.


In the field of non destructive testing, we offer various  services such as Radiography Inspection, Ultrasonic Testing, Magnetic Particle Inspection, Liquid Penetrant Test, on component as well as inpection for repair and modification


The scope of inspection services we offer cover among others inspection of platform. Construction (offshore structure), Pressure Vessel & Heat

Exchangers, Boiler, Lifting Equipment, Workover Rig and Hoist, Rotating Equipment, Pipeline & Piping System and WPS/PQR qualification.

We also have been appointed by Directorate General of Oil & Gas, and by manpower Department of Republic Indonesia to conduct inspection on equipment subject to government statutory Certification, which are: “MIGAS Certification (Under Directorate  of Mining, “DEPNAKER Certificate  (Under Manpower Department) and Metrology Certification.


 We conduct Rig Inspection covering drilling system inspection, drilling structural inspection and drilling electrical system inspection.

In the scope of tubular Inspection, we conduct wall thickness inspection, end area inspection, used tubular Inspection, Hardness Testing, Full Length Drifting and API Thread Inspection.